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Sweetcheeks Cupcakes was born in 2010 in Basildon, Essex. Sweetcheeks Cupcakes
is a passion project fueled by my love for baking, nurtured over countless years of delighting family and friends. What began as a hobby has blossomed into a
full-fledged endeavour driven by a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to baking and decorating bespoke cakes and cupcakes for Essex.

No matter the size, every single order is treated with utmost love, care, and attention. From the moment I lay my hands on the ingredients to the final packaging, I meticulously handle every step. Rest assured, when you receive your package, it is the result of my personal touch and dedication to delivering perfection.

Quality is my unwavering priority. I handpick only the finest ingredients for my creations, striving to source locally whenever possible. Fresh, free-range eggs are a staple in all my products, and I take pride in catering to the needs of vegetarian customers, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the divine flavours I have to offer.

To further assure you of my expertise, I hold a level two NCFE certification and possess
a Level 2 qualification in food hygiene. Additionally, I am registered with the local Basildon, Essex council, adhering to all necessary regulations and standards to guarantee your utmost satisfaction and safety.



Now, let me share a little secret with you. The frosting on my cakes is a closely guarded recipe developed through years of meticulous experimentation. Its soft, fluffy texture perfectly complements the moist sponge, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that will transport you to dessert heaven!

Have any special requests? I'm here to turn your sweet dreams into reality. Just let me know your preferences, and I'll happily accommodate them, crafting a bespoke creation.

With love and whiskful wishes,

Carol 💝

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