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Indulge in my gorgeous array of flavours from my menu, where each cake is a delightful masterpiece crafted with love and passion.


I'm always thrilled to explore new flavour combinations! If you have a unique idea that is not listed below, I invite you to share it with me. Don't hesitate to let me know your creative concept; I'll eagerly craft it into a delicious reality just for you.


Our portion guide ensures that each slice of cake is perfectly sized to satisfy your sweet cravings without overwhelming your taste buds, allowing you to indulge in just the right amount of heavenly goodness. Additionally, our guide ensures you can cater to all of your guests with the perfect-sized celebratory cake!



Treat yourself and up to 12 lucky guests with our 6" cake, perfect for intimate gatherings or a small celebration.


Celebrate in style with our 8" cake, designed to serve up to 22 cake lovers! Whether it's a birthday bash or a special occasion, this size ensures that everyone gets a delectable slice.


Make a grand statement with our 10" cake, crafted to impress and serve up to 38 cake lovers. This size guarantees an ample slice for each
guest, from weddings to large gatherings.


The centrepiece of any grand event, our 12"
cake caters to celebrations with a crowd.
With a generous serving size of up to 56
portions, this cake ensures that guests can revel
in the scrumptiousness of your creation.



Delight yourself and up to 16 lucky guests with our 6" square cake, perfectly portioned for smaller gatherings or cozy celebrations. 


Celebrate in style with our 8" square cake, expertly crafted to serve up to 32 dessert enthusiasts. This size guarantees that each guest receives a generous slice of cake.


Make a statement with our 10" square cake, designed to impress and satisfy up to 50 cake lovers. This size ensures that each guest enjoys a sizable portion of the delectable cake, from milestone celebrations to festive events.


Elevate your grand event with our 12" square cake tailored for large gatherings. With a remarkable 72 portions, this cake becomes the centrepiece that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Baking Layout


Bespoke 1 Tier Cake From £120

Cupcakes From £3 each

Printed Toppers From £27 per 12

3 Tier Wedding Cakes From £350


Please note that all of my cakes are crafted with love and care, using ingredients that include dairy, lactose, eggs, and gluten (wheat). It's important to be aware that my kitchen environment also handles nuts, soya, and alcohol. While I take utmost precautions to prevent cross-contamination, I regretfully cannot guarantee that my cakes will be completely free of trace amounts of these ingredients. 

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